Over the years, Nimee has helped coach and mentor many people from all walks of life. She has a deep passion for life, for learning and for seizing every moment. She has led many organisations to create healthy workplaces, align business and individual values and generate a culture of inclusivity and aspiration. Through her professional exposures, Nimee has been able to share this learning with many individuals, guiding them through personal crises, showing them the importance of vision and direction in their lives and working with them to craft workable and practical strategies to get their lives on track. Nimee is an advocate for self-leadership and this is a common theme that is prevalent in all her teachings.



Living on Purpose provides readers with guidelines on how to rise to the challenges we face daily in our professional and personal lives. A unique adaptation of successful business principles guides us in a personal context, where we find purpose, vision and direction in our lives. This book pushes us to recognize our value at a holistic level and create a roadmap for our future which we own and purposefully manage. Living on Purpose prepares you to embrace life with determination, intention and purpose. Are you ready to get real with yourself?

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Living on Purpose



“Another thought-provoking publication by Nimee Dhuloo!

Her remarkable ability to have mapped corporate and strategic principles and frameworks to ones personal life,  provided such a clever and personally challenging reading experience. Having been in the corporate world myself for decades, I had never considered applying such simple concepts to my personal life – so ingenious! The remarkable ability to connect Nimee’s years of corporate experience with her continued passion for people and human development, has resulted in the creation of this brilliant motivational book. The analogy of what makes companies great,  leads one on a mindful journey to question aspects of what makes each person successful and fulfilled within themselves. The inclusion of the Journal makes it REAL!. Something you can consider, apply, implement and reinforce.

Compelling and downright crafty!”

Beverley Furman, Head of Operations and Change, Strate S.A

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I have edited a number of books that cover similar subjects, but your approach is fresh and lively and motivating.

This is a self-help book that takes the unusual approach of conversation – and it works. The information is clear and accessible, and delivered in a context that makes it feel personal and imperative. By the end of the book, I was keen to make some changes to my own life using the four nuggets introduced in the book.”

Jane Harley, Boutique Books

“I found the book to be great reading, relevant and relatable.”

Zainab Seria, Executive Legal and Corporate relations, Ithuba National Lottery: South Africa

“Living on Purpose is a profoundly intentional book that asks meaningful questions of one’s consciousness and subsequent evolution of self. It is a dialogue that one ought to have with one’s higher self, as a matter of course. I was reminded of Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations with God” yet subtly prompted to acknowledge that the content in “Living on Purpose” can easily be adapted for use in everyday life, from managing personal relationships to practicing authenticity in the boardroom.

The author, Nimee Dhuloo, gifts the reader with evocative and pragmatic lessons that can swiftly be applied to achieve sustainable success. It compels the reader, through crafted strategy and regular contemplation, to aspire to evolve©. With the fluid landscape that the world of work has become, where all the pieces are constantly moving in multiple trajectories and at varying speeds; I feel that “Living on Purpose” teaches the biggest lesson of all: that ‘the sum of the parts is undeniably greater than the whole.”

Roshael Hoosen, Talent Lead , Actuarial, Insurance & Engineering Industry

Look, I am the happy blend of worrywart 1000 and Procrastinator, Terminator’s less efficient, but same “I’ll be back” attitude”, twin. Which means I consistently worry about the future, but have little fire to actually do something about it. I guess, endless rings of disappointing outcomes have lulled my inner worker bee into not wanting more. We rather wait and worry and chew nails till we see what happens. But Nimee Dhuloo’s empathy and incredible insight changed that. This book had me kicking myself for all the right reasons.

Whilst being a reader, I have never really been drawn to the “Self-Mastery” section of the bookstore as numerous therapy sessions have taught me that they themselves don’t really have things together. It’s a shame that some will dismiss this book due to the stigma attached to this genre, when in reality it’s a powerful book wrapped in the intriguing and meaningful, yet surprising and entrenching story of Diana, a clever and well-seasoned business strategist, who through a gut-wrenching, but exciting twist comes to that ultimate question about purpose.

Words like “inspirational” have become so overdone and cheesy, but I just have to admit—Nimee Dhuloo is an inspiration and she has cleverly captured her boundless knowledge of business, leadership and how to harness your potential in a self-application format, complete with reflections and a guiding journal to lead the way. I had the privilege of attending some of her online workshops and she is one of the warmest, kindest, funniest, and most insightful people. And yes, I know we present what we want the world to see, but with her, it’s genuine. She really cares about people and wanting to help them have better lives and opportunities.

It’s safe to say that – Living on Purpose – has managed to surpass my highest expectations AND be nothing at all like I expected. It is nothing like an “A-typical self-help book”. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t truly benefit from reading this book, even if it’s just to appreciate yourself a little bit more.

Anneke Roodman, Head of Human Resources, The Zamani Group