The Living on Purpose Journal incorporates the lessons learnt from the book and creates practical guidelines and templates that can be used to apply the learning and principles covered in the book. It also allows you to record your reflections which is an important part of self-renewal, assists in clarifying and setting goals for self mastery, self sufficiency and personal efficiency as well as self fulfillment and relationship goals, all of which you can record and track on a regular basis. It also prompts you with insightful questions so that you can determine where you are at with certain areas of your life.  This information can then be used to build solutions that help you to bridge the gaps of where you are now and where it is you want to go.


The journal also helps you to record important personal information such as policy information, passwords, record one thing you are grateful for every day and includes a goal tracker which helps you to measure and monitor your progress of all your goals in one document.


It is definitely a tool to craft your roadmap to success.