Do you have control over your life and where it is going?
Are you being engulfed by the changes and challenges coming your way?
Is life passing you by disguised by manic moments of chaos and confusion?
Are you showing up the way you need to in order to relish this gift called Life?
Personal success starts with the way in which we view ourselves, a focused vision of where we are going and the passion and will to get there. Life doesn’t always hand us what we want. The challenge is to become a master of our collective experiences and not the slave of its consequences. Unless the key foundations are in order, we cannot build a house. It starts with a dream, a plan, a structure, a passion to accomplish it and an enormous will and desire to live it, feel it, experience it.
World class organisations have perfected the art of vision, mission and strategy through masterful leadership and calculated plans. By following these basic and simple principles, you will learn how to apply this in your own personal life. It unpacks the different aspects of life and the very facets that bring us all together in a diverse yet complicated world. It considers all the roles we play as individuals. There are no life manuals; much of what we learn is through experience, trial and error. It emphasises the value of purpose, passion, self will and direction. It gifts you with the 4 golden nuggets, knowledge and love of one’s self, the secrets of self mastery, the non negotiable attitude of self sufficiency and the drive to create a life of self fullfillment, all of which is paramount to our existence.

In this book you will learn how to:
• Defy the boundaries we place on ourselves.
• Understand the success levers and how to use them in transforming your life.
• Show up to take the lead in your life.
• School up in understanding the relationship between vision, purpose and values.
• Step up and give your life gravitas.
• Suit up to define and accentuate your brand.
• Stand up and own your life, all of it!
• Strive for magic by awakening the giant inside of you.
• Shift the dial and create a life of meaning, purpose and contribution.
• Step up to a standard of excellence.
• Speak your truth and craft a life you can be proud of.